Most of our client relationships begin with a thorough evaluation of their IT systems. The purpose of this technology evaluation is to establish a comprehensive mutual understanding of the IT infrastructure, the reasoned steps needed to improve it and the documentation to efficiently provide on-going support. Clients receive a detailed report on each aspect of their system, the exposures they represent to their business and budgetary recommendations for specific improvements.

inspect / support and document the infrastructure including:

Physical Environment

  • Server virtualization ie VMware:
    Faster server provisioning
    Reduce hardware vendor lock-in
    Increase uptime
    Improve disaster recovery
    Isolate applications


    Services and Monitoring
    Backup and Redundancy

We evaluate each network component by degree of exposure categorized as CRITICAL, RELIABILITY RELATED or PERFORMANCE RELATED exposures.

CRITICAL exposures are issues that can cause the network to stop functioning, lose data, or prevent data recovery or system reconstruction in the event of a failure.

RELIABILITY issues are those that cause the network to become unstable or provide inconsistent performance, but without resulting in critical loss of data, or functionality or serviceability.

PERFORMANCE issues are those that can affect system responsiveness or throughput, but without a significant loss of data or functionality.

The client receives a report which includes:

    An overview of the technology infrastructure
    Summarized and detailed lists of business exposures
    Recommendations broken down by both degree of exposure and by technical function
    Network diagrams
    A list of projects recommended to address weaknesses and their associated costs
    Product specifications and equipment sourcing recommendations
    Definitions of technical terms
    Raw data used to compile the report