Local Area and Wide Area Networking (LAN / WAN)

SELG designs, installs, and supports Local and Wide Area Network (LAN and WAN) infrastructures for small and medium sized businesses. SELG creates and supports computer systems and communication infrastructures to allow clients to focus on what they do best - run their business.

Our typical clients have between 10 and 200 workstations . We function as business consultants and IT partners to help clients leverage their IT investment to give them a competitive advantage. For clients with Information Technology (IT) departments we complement their skills with areas of expertise they may not require on a regular basis. For others we ARE their IT department.


    Provide all forms of secure network connectivity - internal, external, and wireless
    24/7 support
    Disaster recovery planning
    Network security solutions to protect proprietary data
    Provide proactive on-going maintenance to ensure a higher level of efficiency
    Install cable and fiber to support voice and data using our licensed telecommunications team
    Support Layer 1, 2, and 3 switches


    Design and install multiple remote site networking
    Create secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
    Provide the latest technologies for security and reliability
    Network management services
    Telecommuting solutions
    Router programming, installation and support